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Full-height slab backsplashes are a trendy way to design your new kitchen

Full-height slab backsplashes are a trendy way to design your new kitchen. Not only will this provide a bolder and stylish look, these backsplashes require less maintenance than the typical styles. Place your Full-height backsplash between cooktops and vent hoods to witness the utility of this style. Accent your custom vent hoods or high-end cooktop with a minimalist color stone. If you are looking for a bolder and dramatic look, try a veined natural stone backsplash. Custom backsplash shapes may also display your own unique style and will capture attention to the center of the room.


Another implementation in this design are handleless kitchen cabinets. Ease of maintenance, smooth finishes, and ease of navigation without bumping into metal door handles are a few of the excellent advantages of this design element. These handleless cabinets will give you true fluid movement throughout your kitchen.


This month Demetra Cabinetry introduces you to a new kitchen of ours that uses a full backsplash design, handleless cabinets, and floating shelves. The calacatta pattern on the backsplash adds a dramatic effect to the kitchen. Floating shelves will ensure the utility of adequate shelving while avoiding obstruction of your beautiful backsplash design. Handleless design will give the ca

binets a sleek and contemporary look while maximizing space in your new kitchen. With a blend of our Ultra Matte and RoR-Madrid collection, the mixture of the cabinet and stone textures give the design a clean and unique look.


This sleek and minimalist design is a cooperation between Demetra Cabinetry and Pamper Haus Design Management. If you are looking to fill your entire wall with a design that tailors to your unique style, try out the convenience and design advantages of these featured elements in your new kitchen!


Pamper Haus Design is a local Bay Area design firm. Pamper Haus Design

was founded in 2018 and provides creative ideas from interior design

remodeling to decorating furnitures and staging service for both residential

and commercial properties. Pamper Haus believes in the power of beautiful interiors to transform daily life.

Design Director, Jean Tsou with an Art High School Background and BA Degree

from San Francisco State University. She has a well trained eye for quality,

craftsmanship, furnishings and building materials. she continues to

changing and improving her styles for different project perspective and

bring the best of the living space.

Pamper Haus is best known for creating spaces that are both functional and

beautiful. Each project represents different design concept that can fit

different client’s interest. We pride ourself on paying attention to detail,

obsession with quality and love for local craftspeople.


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