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Where innovation meets elegance in a fusion of modern aesthetics and functional artistry. Explore the forefront of design trends where sleek lines, minimalist forms, and cutting-edge materials converge to redefine living spaces for the discerning connoisseur.


RoR collection features with structured textured melamine doors, which are made by heat and pressure fusing a textured resin laminate paper onto engineered board to create the textured quality or three-dimensional effect.


The surfaces are easily cleaned, tough and decoratively pleasing, available in a wide range of colors and wood grain patterns.


SHINNOKI PANELS are made up of a top layer of veneer, an 11/16” MDF core and a balance layer on the back for stability. Double-sided, genuine wood top layer This range of wood veneer panels does not need any further finishing.



Nobilis _ Slab Laminate


Nobilis Collection  Slab Profile doors offer a clean, minimalist look that would look great in any modern space.


Our innovative Matte collection can help articulate a vision for a space that is both beautiful and functional. Incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, enhanced surface properties that make it look as good as it feels.





Demetra’s Krome collection features a striking glossy surface that epitomizes modernity and cleanliness in kitchen design. With a variety of color and finish choices, these high gloss options can be customized to meet your precise preferences. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, high gloss kitchen and bathroom finishes offer numerous practical advantages.

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