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Project of the Month - June 2022

---- June Project of the Month: Gold, Black, and Porcelain - A Regally Framed Kitchen ----

Classy and jaw-dropping, this kitchen’s combination of shimmery gold, ebony black, and marbled stone inspires awe like no other. Black is a powerful color, and when contrasted with white and gold, it creates a regal kitchen look that leaves an impression of sophisticated luxury.

Black kitchens are beautifully bold and dramatic, timeless and contemporary all at once: it stands out as a dynamic aesthetic and will be sure to turn heads. The dark tones are an especially perfect match for any houses that utilize black accents. Matte handleless cabinetry keep the setup minimalistic. Subtle lighting and shots of gold add a touch of refinement. A waterfall counter spills elegantly off the edges of the island, and a matching stone backdrop makes a stylish statement. The matching set of gold bar stools complete the exquisite look, bringing the elements together in a chic and glamorous modern kitchen.

The entire kitchen boasts impressive quality and shines with thoughtful design choices. This striking cabinet layout was delicately fashioned to frame the counter and stovetop space, creating a uniquely eye-catching display. Natural walnut wood creates a second frame above that space, effortlessly matching the gold-brown hues in the countertops’ veins. The cabinetry comes with panels for panel-ready appliances: from the refrigerator, wine cooler, to the dishwasher, appliances fall seamlessly into a consistent and streamlined look. As a final touch, the toekick lights and under-cabinet lights bathe the room in a soft and gorgeous glow.

If you found our June Project of the Month Kitchen inspiring, speak to any of our experienced designers. Demetra Cabinetry will take pride in creating and building the kitchen of your dreams, whether it is a stunning black and gold design or any other.


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