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Project of the Month - August 2021

Minimalistic, Modern, and Open Living Spaces

When you have a view this breathtaking, it is important to keep the rest of the design sleek and minimalist. Minimalism has always worked wonderfully in a kitchen. This project was not because the kitchen needed an upgrade, but rather because the kitchen is the heart of this modern home, and the remodel is ideal for accentuating and enunciating open plan living.

Wood and white accents are always timeless. We kept the well-matching wood pattern for the floor and mixed another wood pattern on select wall cabinets. We added an open cabinet next to the window for a tasteful display. Additionally, by placing a short wall cabinet close at the edge of the kitchen, we produce a clean transition from the kitchen to the living room.

With great care, our designer has created a design concept that merges our customer's taste and needs with our expertise to enhance the open kitchen concept.

Would you like to install a stylish kitchen cabinet that’s both functional and tasteful? We are waiting for you in our showrooms!


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