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October Project of the Month: Airy and Contemporary

This month, Demetra Cabinetry boasts a gorgeous modern white kitchen with hazel rustic undertones, matched by a high-contrast living room display and vanity. The view inside is breathtaking: the elegant cabinets have gold or bronze detailing that brings out a warm glow and illuminates the entire room. The color palette is crafted to bring a light, airy, and spacious feeling to your house. The layout is not just visually aesthetic: alternating smooth marble countertops and wooden cabinet grooves create a complementary tactile texture for the kitchen as well.


Demetra’s cabinets always feature functionality alongside beauty, and this project is no different. The island sink is positioned near but not directly behind the electric stovetop, simultaneously providing easy access to a single cook while allowing plentiful movement space for partners in the kitchen. A wall-length glass wine cabinet gives you bountiful room for your drinks while being a beautiful display for guests to admire. A contemporary wall unit cabinet sits beneath the TV and floating shelves decorate the wall beside it, offering the perfect living room storage and display space.


This project at Demetra spanned the entirety of a house: the kitchen, the living room, four bathrooms, and various hallways. Our designer had taken great care to make each area unique while still matching the theme of the entire house, and that thoughtfulness can be seen in every aspect of the cabinetry. From contemporary to rustic cabinetry or anything in between, the customized design you are looking for can be crafted for you at Demetra. Your guests will constantly be in awe of the unified grace of your home, and you will enjoy the regal and timeless cabinetry for years to come.

At Demetra, innovative design meets beautiful aesthetic themes in every project. Whether it is a full-house project or a standalone vanity, our designers will be sure to please. Reach out to any of our designers today to find the perfect custom set for you!


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