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Project of the Month - August 2020

A great way to add visually interesting renovation to your cooking space is the utilization of two-toned kitchen cabinets. If you have trouble picking one color, two-toned cabinets may be the way to go.

The use of various color combinations may create both unity in design and the right amount of contrast in order to highlight certain parts of your kitchen. These highlights can create a focal point in your desired areas. For example, mixing a solid color with a wood tone will create the contrast that is desired for a trendy cooking space.

Being able to use different color shade is another advantage of two-toned cabinets. Natural and lighter shades make the room larger, complement the kitchen accessories, are timeless, they increase the natural lighting, and work with many other colors in your home.

This kitchen makes use of Syma Edge handleless cabinets.These not only have value in contemporary and minimalist design-style, they’re also functional in maximizing space.


The design of this kitchen is by Z & Hsuan Interior Design. They were founded in Taiwan and have recently relocated to the SF bay area in 2017. Having 18+ years experience in residential, show house, office space, jewelry store, clothing store, restaurant, and other commercial spaces, Z & Hsuan Interior Design has deep insight in crafted, detailed design concepts and intends to design with a simple clean line, humbled, creative, modest, and restrained style. Z & Hsuan aims to create a beautiful, practical, and personalized design for you to enjoy your daily life at your ideal place.

Together, Demetra Cabinetry and Z & Hsuan Interior Design will assist you in creating your dream home!

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