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Project Highlight: Small Galley Kitchen

Back in October, we completed this lovely galley kitchen that showcases two of our favorite styles: NEO Shinnoki and UltraMatte. Designed by Cynthia L, the wall cabinets are a beautiful pure white Ultramatte, while the base cabinets are a smoked walnut Shinnoki. We love the balance between contemporary and transitional styles that this project represents.

Our innovative UltraMatte Acrylic collection can help articulate a vision for a space that is both beautiful and functional. Incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, our UltraMatte has enhanced surface properties that make it look as good as it feels.

Furthermore, the NEO Shinnoki series features a wood veneer slab door design, which offers a sleek look while maintaining the natural beauty of wood. Shinnoki panels are finished on both sides and are "mixmatched," giving them a unique, natural appearance.

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