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Project of the Month - March 2023

A Homely Yet Contemporary Kitchen

This month, Demetra Cabinetry proudly presents a stunning gray and white kitchen that perfectly balances contemporary style with warmth and comfort. Glossy white surfaces paired with soft grays will unfailingly create a modern look. Yet, this kitchen maintains a warm, welcoming glow — one our Demetra designers carefully crafted.

Stylish white and gray kitchens have been all the rage for modern home design, and rightly so. The color combination is minimalistic: modern design emphasizes simplicity, clean lines, and functionality, and the gray and white cabinetry undoubtedly achieves this look. The smooth white surfaces bring a bright and airy feel, while the gray adds subtle contrast and depth. The polished quartz countertops also bring clarity and tidiness to the space, which is ideal for keeping a more petite space clean and uncluttered.

Some may sometimes fear that an overly modern room may seem cold or isolated, but that is never the case with our design kitchens. This gray and white kitchen has a beautiful traditional feel with hints of rustic charm, thanks to the warm backsplash and wooden flooring. Our tile backsplash is a lovely combination of light brown and white tiles, providing a subtle yet effective accent to the gray and white cabinets and countertops. Such a backsplash is practical and stylish — it will protect the walls from spills and splatters while adding texture and pattern to the kitchen.

The tones in the brown tiling and honeyed wooden hues are emphasized by warm under-cabinet lighting, a beautiful and versatile feature that will add elegance to your home. Abstract geometric light fixtures match that glamor while bringing a warm glow. Our designers used a neutral color palette to create a clean, modern look in the kitchen while including these thoughtful highlights for an inviting and cozy feel.

If you are looking for something special in your kitchen, or if you are looking to craft a particular mood, visit Demetra Cabinetry today and speak with one of our specialized designers. They will help you bring to life the vision to build the perfect kitchen for your home!


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