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Project of the Month - February 2024

Maximizing Contrast: Designing a Striking and Exquisite Kitchen

The moment you step into the kitchen, your eyes will be drawn to this stunning contrast — bold [cherrywood] veneers and soft white cabinets meld perfectly into a beautiful contemporary kitchen in the heart of your home.

It is no secret that the center of your home deserves a design that not only stands out but also creates a welcoming and visually striking ambiance. One timeless and sophisticated way to achieve this is by incorporating the attractive contrast between [cherry wood] and white matte elements in your kitchen. Balancing this color combination requires expertise and masterful skill, and our designers here at Demetra Cabinetry are happy to do just that, helping you craft a kitchen that maximizes the contrast between these two distinct materials and creates a space that is both elegant and eye-catching for all your family and friends to enjoy.

Achieving the perfect balance between Aneto Walnut and white matte cabinets is essential. The two materials used in our February Project-of-the-Month are both powerful and classy. To find that balance, our designers often use Aneto Walnut for larger cabinet surfaces and islands, while incorporating white matte cabinets in areas that need a touch of brightness and to prevent the space from feeling too heavy. The wood veneers in this month’s project frame the upper cabinets in a unique stylistic touch, adding character and charm without overpowering the delicate whites.

Contrasting countertops enhance the visual impact. Select countertops that complement the Aneto Walnut and white matte contrast. Darker countertops, such as granite or quartz, can amplify the richness of Aneto Walnut, while lighter options like marble or solid surface materials can enhance the crispness of matte white finishes. In this kitchen, our designers chose to use marble to match the upper cabinetry, creating a unified theme and look.

Bring it all together with thoughtful accessories. Carefully chosen accessories, such as hardware, faucets, and decorative items, can tie the Aneto Walnut and white matte elements together. Our designers opted for metallic finishes like brushed brass and stainless steel to add a touch of sophistication and unity to the overall design. Furthermore, the rich colors of the wood create plenty of potential to add wooden elements like knife holders, cooking utensils, and decorative displays that can add a layer of beautiful complexity and depth.

Reach out to a Demetra Cabinetry designer today with the exquisite and bold color combinations you adore, and watch as they bring those colors to life in your next dream kitchen project!


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