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Project of the Month - August 2023

We all find ourselves reminiscing simpler days sometimes: there’s a peacefulness in quiet homely spaces that is rare to find in the hustle and bustle of Bay Area daily life. For Demetra Cabinetry’s August Project of the Month, we wanted to hone in on that desire for serenity by crafting a captivating blend of contemporary aesthetics and rustic farmhouse charm that culminates in a truly unique kitchen design. This kitchen gracefully marries the timeless allure of natural elements with the soothing simplicity of modern design, resulting in a space that exudes calm. Step into a world where tranquility meets functionality, making this kitchen an epitome of quiet elegance.

As you step onto the tan hardwood floor, you're immediately enveloped in an atmosphere of natural beauty. The cabinetry, adorned in shades of white and light cream wood veneers, offers a perfect canvas for the play of light and shadow, creating a seamless integration of modernity and rustic appeal. The orange light fixtures exude extra warmth and energy through a pop of color and well-placed lighting. A slatted wooden wall introduces complexity for depth in the design without subtracting from the peace. The white vaulted ceiling, punctuated by exposed supporting beams, adds a sense of openness, inviting a breath of fresh air into the space.

What truly sets this kitchen apart is its emphasis on tranquility. The carefully curated decor, including an array of verdant plants, not only infuses life but also reinforces the peaceful ambiance. The stove backsplash, adorned with light blue tiling reminiscent of vintage kitchens, adds a touch of nostalgia while keeping the overall aesthetic harmonious. This kitchen design is a testament to the fact that simplicity can be incredibly impactful. It's a haven where the stresses of the day melt away, leaving you with nothing but a sense of calm as gentle and constant as a summer breeze.

If your dream is to craft a peaceful oasis for yourself in your home, reach out to a Demetra designer today. Work with them to build a warm and inviting rustic kitchen design in your home with natural materials and a neutral color palette, and design a place where you can sit down after a long day, rest, and unwind.


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