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Project of the Month - January 2022

-------- Frozen Walnut Wood Veneers in a Bright White Kitchen --------

For the first month of 2022, Demetra is thrilled to share with you our January Project of the Month that captures the essence of wood-veneer cabinetry and clean, fresh whites. With stunning real wood veneers and dark wood floors, we wanted to spotlight the charm of our variety of natural wood, juxtaposed with the bright whites of the countertops and cabinetry. The island is framed in frozen walnut, a quintessential color. The gold-tone Syma handles and a full quartz backsplash lined with light-brown veinings complement that frozen walnut island perfectly. The elements bring out warm undertones that are handsomely juxtaposed by the stark whites of the surrounding cabinetry. Black lighting fixtures add an elegant touch, further emphasized by matching appliances and switches. One of these appliances is a large LED screen set in the door of the refrigerator, a piece of smart tech that will easily prove itself useful during cooking sessions.

Wood cabinetry and wood veneers have become increasingly popular, and the reason why is obvious - natural, classic, and eco-friendly wood is simple yet beautiful and easily complements any kitchen. Demetra’s Shinnoki cabinets are graced with real wood veneers, from our frozen walnut islands to the dark wood flooring. Our customers love adding traces of wood to their kitchens: after all, the texture of natural woods in our veneers makes a modern design statement. The look of wood adds a rustic aesthetic to your kitchen, creating a warm and inviting look in your home’s most hardworking spaces.

There’s no denying the sense of depth and raw beauty of the look and feel of wood, thoughtfully placed in your house. It creates an organic and traditional sentiment with a modern twist, bringing a depth of character that is hard to find in more manufactured veneers. Additionally, it builds a clean design while allowing versatile flexibility in the rest of the kitchen. In our January Project of the Month, that clean flow is enunciated by the sophisticated whites that surround it, bringing the kitchen together in a fully unified theme.

Our designers worked to bring the entire kitchen together, adding details that elevate the lighter colors while adding depth within the dark. If you are looking for a thoughtfully-designed kitchen with graceful wood touches, reach out to one of our Demetra designers today, and they would be happy to help!


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