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Project of the Month - January 2021

Oftentimes, fitting all of your favorite styles into one kitchen may be a daunting task. By combining elements from all of your style choices you can unlock the potential of all designs. The design team at Demetra Cabinetry is here to help!

You may want the simplicity of modern kitchens without coming across as boring and sterile. A bit of the rustic style mixed in will introduce some inviting spaces. Or you may want to take advantage of the practicality and affordability of industrial style while adding your own twist.

For this project of the month, the client was very fond of this particular backsplash. The designer chose to use a minimal amount of wall cabinets to create a symmetrical balance. This choice of cabinetry design is a modern trend for those who are looking to cut down costs and maintain a clean, minimalistic style.

This design utilizes open shelving which is a great way to fill the extra voids while also giving you an opportunity to showcase your collections. This helps maintain the symmetry and uniqueness of the kitchen layout. For more examples of open cabinetry, please check out our previous P.O.Ms which utilize this same concept.

If you have a lot of different inspirations and need guidance for ideas please feel free to contact Demetra Cabinetry. Our designers will be happy to help!


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