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Project of the Month - December 2020

Take advantage of the warm and natural beauty of oak materials for your kitchen cabinets. The texture of oak cabinets are a perfect choice paired with the correct countertops. It’s non-overpowering nature will be sure to create an inviting space in your new kitchen.

In this project, the designer strived to achieve a clean look by using very minimal lines and colors. A sense of flow is created by using symmetric and uniform geometries. This sense of flow extends to the color palette choice. Each color choice is planned to be complementary and without clashing. Minimalistic, clean lines are also a great strategy for smaller kitchens. By using this technique, smaller kitchens are able to utilize the most of its space. The streamline that is created with these techniques will give the illusion of a longer and taller room.

Open cabinet shelving is the perfect design technique to use for odd or unusable space in your kitchen. By using a combination of open and closed cabinets, you can tame your messy kitchen while still having the opportunity to display your valuables. Open cabinet shelving helps maintain the uniformity in a clean line design. Using open cabinet shelving allows you to add storage space in an area which, otherwise, would have been put to waste.

Contact our designers if you are interested in the warm look of oak wood cabinets, the cleanliness of clean line minimalism, or the utility of open cabinet shelving!


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