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Project of the Month - August 2022

Glossy Greys and Walnut Accents

A gorgeous gray kitchen is the epitome of trendy refinement, and our August Project of the Month is certainly no exception. From the dark tile backsplash to the golden light fixture, not only does this design make for a classy yet welcoming home — it also acts as the perfect backdrop for this customer’s adorable cats.

For the Demetra Cabinetry August Project of the Month, our designer was inspired by a stunning combination of glossy greys and walnut concept. The juxtaposition of the two styles — contemporary glassy surfaces next to raw elements — brings a unique depth to the kitchen that is difficult to produce otherwise. Never too dark or heavy, a mix of light and dark greys builds a softer alternative to a black layout. The matte wood finish brings the scheme together, crafting a subtle, “stripped-back-but-still-sophisticated” look that can compliment any house.

Light gray cabinetry can be particularly lovely and versatile, and can be combined with a large variety of different styles. For this project, our designer chose to add gold accents and black elements to give the room a crisp and elegant touch. A gold ceiling light with clear bulbs break the grey tones while black elements in the faucet, outlets, stools, and handles redefine the kitchen with a cast-iron cool.

An often overlooked aspect of the kitchen layout is the dining table, but our designers know that every little detail is just as valuable as anything else, and will take great care to ensure your entire room comes together masterfully. While the dark grey tile backsplash pleasingly contrasts with the silver-whites and brown walnut finishes, the dining table extends the theme, offering a complimentary wood texture.

This color palette of greys, walnuts, gold, and black create layers of depth but compound into a comprehensive simplicity. The coloration may have been inspired by the customer’s cats, and are certainly a combination to fall in love with. Whether it is the suave modernity, the colorings, or the mix of textures that drew your eyes, the designers at Demetra would be happy to take your inspiration and craft your dream kitchen with you. Take your kitchen and decor to the next level with our aid, and reach out to a designer today!


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