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Project of the Month - March 2022

A Japandi Kitchen - A Warm Marriage of Simplicity and Nature

“Japandi” is the new must-have intersection between Japanese and Scandinavian interior designs, characterized by its blend of warm, simple, and natural elements. It inspires minimalizm, sustainability, and cleanliness within beauty. For our March Project of the Month, our Demetra designers have taken these virtues and styled an elegant kitchen that epitomizes them all.

A Japandi kitchen is characterized by minimalist design principles, clean lines, natural materials, warm hues, and thoughtful decorations. Demetra’s Shinnoki Milk Oak wood veneers are the perfect base color: they wash the entire kitchen in an almost-angelic glow that is certain to remind you of the pale sunrise. Our handleless cabinet doors emphasize a clean and smooth flow throughout the kitchen. The waterfall island countertop matches with the walls to produce a sense of purity, while the quartz builds up the theme of nature.

A soft, cream kitchen like this one is effortlessly graceful yet warm and welcoming. While the architecture is contemporary and streamlined, the sunnier neutrals create a timeless look. There are plenty of additional benefits to having a cream kitchen: matching such cabinetry to any accent colors or patterns will be effortless, the neutrals feel spacious, and the kitchen is well suited for both traditional and modern decoration.

This kitchen’s design mixes both modern styles and a classic color palatte, creating a stunning fusion of cabinetry. True to the Japandi style, every piece of the layout was chosen for a purpose. An island shelf tucked into its base adds display space in a tasteful and unique manner. Small potted plants are thoughtfully placed as to accentuate the other natural elements while adding a splash of color. The seating and lighting fixtures were carefully chosen and add a geometric or artistic touch. Together, they display a sense of serenity, coziness, and warmth.

If you were inspired by this Japandi-style kitchen that our Demetra designers have built, reach out to any one of them today! They will work with you to customize a kitchen in the style you love, with care to include the elements you choose, so that your dream kitchen can be reality.


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