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Project of the Month - January 2020

​Are you planning on designing a brand new home or renovating your current one? Our amazing staff and modern design techniques will help turn your ideas into reality! Each month we showcase a recent project to highlight our European-styled cabinetry and, more importantly, the amazing work of our designers. For January, we're doing something a little different. Here are the bathrooms we recently designed!

Check out this month's project of the month by:

Cindy W.

Photography by: Cathy N.

These bathrooms are composed of the following collections:

Bathroom 1 Cabinets: Ultramatte Collection | Metallic Beige 7499

Bathroom 1 Top Panel: Ultramatte Collection | Starlight 85658

Bathroom 2 Cabinets: Ultramatte Collection | Metallic Beige 7499

Once again, we're showing off the Ultramatte collection this month. Incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, Ultramatte’s enhanced surface properties will make any space look as good as it feels. The added durability of the scratch and chemical resistance topcoat perfectly balances beautiful and functional interior design.

In bathroom 1, the metallic beige and starlight coloring create a fantastically clean contrast. In bathroom 2, that same metallic beige gives off a naturalistic, calming atmosphere.

Taking all of three of these features into account, you can see why we're in love with these remarkably clean, sleek and modern bathrooms.

Some other features of this project include:

  • European Style Vanity

  • Top mount vanity sink

  • Floating Vanity

  • Integrated Sink Vanity Top

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