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Changing The Perception Of What A Kitchen Can Be

Not only is Demetra a provider and manufacturer of premium semi-custom European kitchen and bath cabinetry, we can also install new and improved appliances and fixtures for your Kitchen. For example, we install range hoods from Zephyr, a Bay Area-based company that takes pride in their work, just like Demetra.

At Zephyr, they've always been at the forefront of design in the kitchen. Whether developing their own products or discovering and bringing to market the best of other categories, they apply our purpose-driven approach, impeccable taste, and adventurous spirit to deliver inspiring experiences that create emotional impact. Always pushing the boundaries – of performance, technology, safety, and service – Zephyr constantly leads the industry forward.

If you are interested in installing new appliances in your kitchen, please contact us! Also, we warmly invite you to visit our design center and showroom located at San Jose and Dublin, California.

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