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diamond series

Demetra is proud to present our DIAMOND series, the very best SCRATCH-RESISTANT high-gloss acrylic surface!

krome | 4 series

As the name suggests, demetra’s krome collection ,is distinguished by a highly appreciable glossy surface shine. They effect a stylish, clean and modern kitchen appearance, whilst a range of colour and finish options ensure that your high gloss kitchen can be tailored to your exact taste and specification. Yet far more than their beautiful look, high gloss kitchen/bathroom finishes have many other benefits to offer; this includes:

easy cleaning - gloss kitchens can be wiped clean with only a damp e-cloth


durability - all of the gloss kitchens by demetra are finished to a high quality that ensures their endurance and longevity throughout everyday use


versatility - gloss kitchens can be easily and successfully blended with other colours and materials, including wood, stone and stainless steel


different finish options - different gloss kitchen finish materials are available to suit different budgets


a light reflective quality - as light hits the surface of a gloss kitchen door it will be reflected back across the room

krome collection includes 4 series:


          solida HG



* Printed representations may vary from actual product. Please see actual sample for more accurate color and comparison.


krome|project galley

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