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diamond series

material origin: U.S.A

price index: $$$


Demetra is proud to present our DIAMOND series, the very best SCRATCH-RESISTANT high-gloss acrylic surface!

* Printed representations may vary from actual product. Please see actual sample for more accurate color and comparison.

edge band option:




extreme high-gloss finish – an impressive 90% gloss level is reflected off the perfectly smooth surface creating a mirror-effect.

scratch-resistant – top hardcoat layer developed to be the most scratch-resistant acrylic.

carb certified phase II MDF core.

additional benefits

high chemical resistance – no visible changes after extensive chemical testing.
no orange peel – world-class PUR lamination technology prevents orange peel.  
no polishing necessary – no polishing after removal of protective peel coat or during product lifetime.
low-maintenance material – easy to clean with wet microfiber cloth or nonabrasive products.
dry-erase certified – scientifically proven to be very suitable for marker board use.

color swatch

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