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The Basics behind European-Style Cabinets

It’s a commonly known fact that a kitchen in a European home will be smaller than the kitchen in an average American home. Dishwashers tend to be shrunken, residents might get by on a mini-fridge and cabinets are generally more compact.

As a result, the European style of cabinetry is often a lot less ornate than traditional American varieties. While European-style kitchens feature more wood than is popular in contemporary-style cabinets, they borrow a lot of the modern focus on industrial and functional designs. Cabinets are frameless, lines are straight, and the emphasis is always on maximizing space.

European Style high gloss acrylic kitchen by Demetra Cabinetry

As European-style cabinets are so focused on efficiency, adding a few minor decorative touches can liven up the space. Potted plants or a bright and engaging backsplash can elevate a kitchen out of overly-industrial into something more warm and welcoming. If you find the simplicity of contemporary cabinet and kitchen design too harsh, you may want to consider the European style for a happy medium of function and comfort, no matter the size of your kitchen.

Demetra Cabinets are American made, locally crafted in San Jose California by our dedicated team. See photos of our European-style frameless cabinets, or visit our showroom in San Jose or Dublin!


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