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Project of the Month - September 2021

This month’s high-gloss cabinet fronts are the definition of glamorous. Beautiful, elegant, and sleek designs are vogue in cabinetry and modern home design today. The reflection of light on the cabinet creates a luster that will unavoidably draw the awestruck eyes of everyone in the room. Effortlessly catch attention with a stunning display, located in the heart of your home.

When hosting guests, nothing makes a bigger statement than the design of your kitchen and living room. Grace the walls with cabinetry that reflects the essence of who you are. Whether that is a welcoming set decorated with warm lighting or a sleek contemporary set with cool tones, our designers at Demetra will know exactly how to customize it for you.

Like always, beauty meets utility flawlessly in Demetra cabinets. High-gloss surfaces are especially alluring, and double as surfaces that are easily cleaned. Cabinets tucked into the inner frame of your island vastly increase storage space. Between the integration of your household appliances and the inclusion of popular features like floating shelves, we are able to give you an dazzling cabinet set while never missing the beat on functionality.

A sense of unity in the house does not mean conforming all the cabinets in your home to one design. Instead, like in this full-house project, consider mixing different color palates and textures in different rooms. Ask any of our designers, and they can help you combine a unified variety of gorgeous sets that all display the complete and unique effect you are looking for.


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