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Project of the Month - October 2022

Design Your Dream Kitchen The Way You Want

Have you collected references and images for what you want your kitchen remodeling to look like? If so, Demetra designers are perfect for the job. It is common to have a vision of what you want your dream kitchen to look like, whether the look is based on references from Pinterest or crafted by a personal designer. Here at Demetra, we are very open to designer collaborations and are excited to build your dreams together, so that we can bring that vision to life.

This month features the kitchen of a customer who did exactly that: they had computer renders created, and our designers were able to transform those imagines into a production-ready project. A waterfall quartz countertop complements a rich, velvety brown. The grey used above the stove is reflected in the island cabinetry. Smooth, geometric shapes are used against the walls and throughout the kitchen to craft a modern look. The final result is a stunning kitchen that implements all desired features.

For our October Project of the Month, our designer leaned into creating an overarching theme of cobalt blues and earthy browns, presented in clean, contemporary cuts. The look extends from the kitchen to the bathroom — together, your cabinetry and vanity will give your house an extra touch of tasteful, well-planned design. To top it off, the warm overhead and under-cabinet lighting cast a welcoming glow over your home spaces for visitors and your family to enjoy.

Your “kitchen project” is not simply a kitchen project — it is a rediscovering of your home and a reimagining of one of the most central rooms in your house. In these before-and-after photos, we are able to take an intimate look at how the kitchen space looked before and after the construction. A new European-style kitchen can bring a new feeling to the entire house, and not only the spaces that were redesigned. Because our designers know how impactful that change can be, as well as how important the new layout will be to your family, they make it a priority to work with you in making sure the new kitchen is everything you imagined it would be.

If you are looking for a beautiful new kitchen, and want the very best for your home, do not hesitate to speak with a Demetra designer today!


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