Project of the Month - October 2020

In cooperation with Pristine Design/Interior Designer Xin Cai, Demetra Cabinetry is happy to present to you transitional style kitchens. Bring your unique ideas to life in an elegant way by blending great elements of both contemporary and traditional style. Rather than fearing disagreeable contrast, see how the designs, textures, and colors may collaborate and showcase your own, personal style.

Many of the traditional homes built in the last 50 years, generally have upper wall cabinetries that are about 32 to 36 inches tall. This results in a gap of about 1 to 2 feet between the cabinet tops and the ceiling. Recent styled cabinets use that extra space while adding an eye catching element. Glass cabinets placed above the regular wall cabinets will bring utility and uniqueness to this otherwise overlooked area.