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Project of the Month - November 2021

Beautiful Dark-Wood Contemporary Kitchens

Your guests will arrive in your newly-renovated kitchen and gasp: your dramatic dark-wood cabinetry aesthetic will leave them in awe. Rich dark wood is a timeless option for your new kitchen renovation, adding a dash of extra classiness to your home. Get inspired by our November Project-of-the-Month, featuring these gorgeous dark cabinets!


Kitchens are a way to reflect a homeowner’s unique sense of style. Dark colors became widely popular in the 1970s, and have continued their reign through to today. They have always conveyed a feeling of luxuriousness, and pairing the light accents with the cabinetry in this project elevates that atmosphere. This month’s project is a striking spread of dark and light: our cabinetry creates a sophisticated contrast to the lighter walls and countertops. The dramatic palette is quintessential for a modern aesthetic. The natural dark wood and bold design will add a layer of depth to your remodel.

This project presents a double island that fills the open layout elegantly while maintaining a spacious look. We added handle-less Syma handles, as well as an integrated spice rack and a glass wine fridge, to match the clean flow of the kitchen. That hidden functionality is always a key consideration here at Demetra, where we aim to make your renovation both visually gorgeous and functionally pleasing.


The bathrooms we highlight were made to match the kitchen, so your home would have a unified aesthetic theme embedded in all cabinetry. If a complete house theme is what you are looking for, do not hesitate in bringing it up with your Demetra designer, who will ensure that your bathroom vanities are an extension of the central home aesthetic.


Deciding what you want and need for your renovation is a big choice, but also an amazing opportunity to build the perfect kitchen and home for you. Dark wood establishes a tasteful and refined theme for the entire house. Consider pinning our project in your dream house board — the designers at Demetra Cabinetry would be happy to add these beautiful dark-wood cabinets to your design, building a stunning aesthetic just for you!


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