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Project of the Month - May 2022

Modernize with Steel Blue — Before and After

Nothing is as effortlessly modern as a bold splash of color in a white room, accented with black and touched up with natural woods. Our May Project of the Month boasts just that — beautiful steel blue cabinetry, black light fixtures, silver cabinet handles, and wooden touches, all enveloped in a pristine white kitchen. Demetra’s designer has worked to bring you a breathtaking room that is sure to bring delighted gasps and compliments year-round.

Before & After:

Steel and slate blue is a popular color, for the way it combines the undertones of sea blues and earthy greys. A classy color like Demetra’s Classic Steel Blue can completely revitalize the look and feel of the kitchen. The contrast of a darker color against a bright white room creates an invigorating air. A soft white light glows from under cabinetry, further emphasizing a contemporary and clean design. This modern look is stunning, and not without durability: not only are the quartz countertops sturdy, but the cabinetry is also made of painted doors on solid wood, making the Classic Collection a wonderful choice in both aesthetics and robustness.

Before & After:

Our designer had chosen to knock down a wall for this May project, instantly creating a spacious open-kitchen plan with room for a lovely addition at the side. It contains a second sink, a second fridge, and a small wine fridge — these all add increased functionality in a wide-open space, making it much harder to have too many cooks in this kitchen. A wooden floating shelf above the sink provides functional or decorative space in addition to the natural wood accent it contributes to the overall design.

If this gorgeously modern kitchen inspires you, our Demetra designers would all be happy to help you design your own dream kitchen with the colors you desire, so reach out to speak to any of them today!


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