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Project of the Month - March 2021

Functional, aesthetically pleasing, bold, and elegant are a few words that will come to mind if you choose dark tones as a theme for your new kitchen. Typically, modern design color palettes tend to lean towards white. Dark kitchens will help you make a statement while taking advantage of its utility.

Gray matches well with almost any style and color scheme. From monochrome to color, from modern to traditional, this color choice is sure to match.

Monochrome choices, black, gray, and white, are sure to make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. Due to their standing in the color spectrum, these colors are able to offer maximum contrast to each other in a harmonious way and this is what makes the white countertop and dark gray cabinets ideal and magical. When using white countertop and white tiles for your backsplash, the two colors give your room full authority and the ability to claim the attention of your guests.

This owner also added color changing LED lights to add more colors to the kitchen, and also create a mood setting.

Dark toned cabinets may be accused of taking away the “airiness” of the space. This month’s POM showcases that adding a touch of dark tones can in fact make your space extraordinary and bright. To help with this, the designer chose to utilize handleless SYMA cabinets. These cabinets along with the dark tones of the kitchen and accessories strengthen the simple and minimalist design, ensuring clutter is kept to a minimum. Take a look at our March POM, as it might inspire you to incorporate some dramatic hues into your home! Please feel free to contact the designers of Demetra Cabinetry for help with your newly found inspiration!


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