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Project of the Month - June 2021

Create a lasting impression on both guests and family with this stunningly modern look for your kitchen. Outfit your kitchen with our gorgeous ion-silver Krome cabinets and mirror glass inserts for a classy feel that will stay in style for years to come. This month’s featured project boasts a sleek and clean exterior, all while maintaining great functionality tucked neatly into its design.


Our designers have emphasized this contemporary design with handle less cabinets that break the traditional mold. The above-sink glass cabinets are Tip-on Push Open, and open with a simple press that becomes especially convenient while utilizing your kitchen. A versatile wall niche cabinet nestled into the side of your kitchen is the perfect way to both maximize your space as well as add additional aesthetic depth. The stylish utility triangle of the refrigerator, sink, and island stove are paired with hidden features: roll-out trays, a spice rack pullout, a trash pullout, and a gola pull will ensure you have easy access to anything you may need when preparing your meals.


Transform Your Kitchen With Glass and Mirror Cabinet Doors

Glass and mirrors have long been a minimalistic yet elegant way to add a layer of extra sophistication. These inserts in cabinetry are certainly no exception; our clear glass doors and Ice Acid Mirror inserts will have family in awe. Glass cabinet doors are often in a “mullion” style, with wood or metal dividing bars, or in single panes. Both are incredibly eye-catching, improving both functionality and beauty as decorative accents. Effortlessly add a timeless touch to your kitchen by including any of our selection of frosted glass detailing, and use them to show off your favorite dishware collectibles or seasonal decor.


Reach out to any of our Demetra Cabinetry designers, and they will be happy to help you design a customized kitchen perfect for your aesthetic tastes and needs. Do not hesitate to request glass or mirror inserts, and they will work with you to find your fit!


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