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Project of the Month - July 2022

Dark Wood Kitchens - Moody, Sleek, and Versatile

This kitchen has it all - sleek modernity, distinctive natural elements, and a unique versatility that makes it the perfect match for any house style.

Your kitchen cabinetry will be the stars of your home design - cabinets occupy a large portion of visual space, and their style will encapsulate the atmosphere of the room. Luckily, our designers at Demetra are particularly skilled at finding your perfect fit. For our July Project of the Month, we present a beautiful dark-wood-textured kitchen that has the unique ability to harmonize with nearly any aesthetic you desire and create a limitless selection of ambiances.

For this kitchen, our clients chose to mix natural elements into the theme: potted houseplants of all sizes add a stunning splash of color, while wood embellishments compliment the black and tan surfaces. Together, they construct a down-to-earth, natural-yet-contemporary air.

The bold black cabinetry offers a variety of design opportunities: imagine instead using gold or glass adornments, hanging lamps, and bright white lights. Quickly, the mood transforms into a luxuriously modern space. With more stone and bronze decor, the kitchen shifts once again, taking on a rustic feel. These cabinets provide a backdrop for contrasting styles, able to perfectly capture the personality you seek today, as well as the many future aesthetics with which you may soon fall in love. Allow your kitchen to grow and change as you do, and give it a limitless potential to reflect your tastes.

From the distinct and enchanting island design to the floating shelves and frameless cabinet doors, our kitchen layouts are bursting with creative features and functionality. Allow one of our designers to help you craft a kitchen that will shift as your tastes do, all while maintaining the same breathtaking aura and quality that will always be timeless.


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