Project of the Month - July 2021

An Integrated Kitchen

integrated - (adj.) consisting of various parts or aspects unified together into a whole

Your kitchen is the stunning centerpiece for your home, and to create a streamlined and complete look, consider an integrated kitchen. Integrated kitchens allow common kitchen appliances to gracefully blend fully or partially into the kitchen cabinetry using clever design and beautiful textures. Integrated kitchens are unified, curated to make every part of the kitchen come together in an aesthetic masterpiece.

Our July Project of the Month is a refreshing, partially-integrated kitchen, complete with hidden features that unite in a contemporary yet welcoming look. A built-in microwave fits seamlessly into the design. A panel-ready refrigerator and dishwasher space allows for a custom cover to be easily installed on the front of your appliances. A custom panel frame adds sophistication to your wine fridge. These thoughtful inclusions create a polished flow throughout the kitchen. When combined with Syma handleless cabinets, marbled quartz countertops, and a matching marble backsplash that stretches from the base cabinet to the walls, the cabinets spotlight a stunningly coherent and modern feeling. To top it off, lightly colored floating shelves are added to the front of the kitchen, spaciously opening up the entire kitchen.

Functionality hides in this kitchen’s corners; two contem