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Project of the Month - February 2022

-------------- Breezy Calm Beachfront Cabinetry --------------

Everyone loves a relaxing getaway by the beach, and there is no reason why your kitchen can’t give you that beautiful beachfront serenity right in the comfort of your own home. From sandy wood textures and light blue cabinet fronts to a pearl white backsplash, our designers created a stunning kitchen layout that is bound to remind you of breezy days by the crashing waves.

The “summer home” concept is a relatively modern one, but the color scheme of blue and white kitchens has been around for decades. It’s simply a classic, untouched by the ebb and flow of fleeting trends. This new contemporary look is light and airy, refreshing family and guests alike. With a touch of coastal decor and cabinets in sky blues, flawlessly add unforgettable character and depth to your home.

Our Demetra designers have designed a stunning kitchen with the charm of a California coast. The look is easy and relaxing, a calm perfect for any kitchen. Our cadet blue Shaker Inset cabinet doors are unique and eye-catching, naturally creating an air of tranquility. Horizontal Rialto wood textures are reminiscent of sandy beaches and walks on the shore. The waterfall counter flows elegantly to the floor, floating shelves create a perfect spot for organic decor, and a matching wine cabinet grants playful utility.

Outside of simply building this mood, our cabinetry commits to developing a higher level of functionality and beauty on a smaller scale. The shaker inset door profiles from the Impressions collection are a transitional style, with Thermofoil surfaces that are a breeze to clean. Additionally, these frameless cabinets utilize space better than their traditional frame inset partners. The Rialto wood adds a seamless long island back panel: it is difficult for horizontal grain wood finishes to look neat since the grain often does not line up, but Rialto achieves this look through the density of its wood patterns.

The designers at Demetra spare no effort when it comes to conceiving the kitchen at the center of your home. A unique kitchen is a fresh breath of air, and this February’s Project of the Month is a prime example: beautiful, contemporary, minimalistic, and distinctive, this beachy motif is bound to be a kitchen you (and your furry friends) will love!

This look was inspired by the touching story our customer brought to us of a happy home in Beijing. The designer that worked on this project put much thought into creating a design that would remind our customers of that memorable place, building a fresh home where new happy memories can be made. We will always put immeasurable care into your new project and design, because we know that “home” starts with a beautiful and welcoming place to call your own. Reach out to any Demetra designer today, and start building the home you always dreamt of.


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