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Project of the Month - February 2023

Thrilling Kitchen Adventures and Other Secret Functions

Rarely does one describe a kitchen as “heart-racing”, “adventurous”, and “thrilling”. Yet, these are the words that come to mind now. Demetra Cabinetry’s February Project of the Month is truly an adventure, inviting guests to traverse through hidden mechanics, false wardrobes, and honest-to-goodness secret passageways.

This lovely wisteria-blue kitchen looks innocent at first glance: the cabinets are clean and minimalistic, a natural quartzite countertop spans the horizontal surfaces, simple patterns decorate the backsplash and complement the pastel cabinetry, and elegant light fixtures bathe the room in a soft glow.

However, hidden behind the cabinet doors are various wonderfully-designed utilities: pull-out spice racks, nestled trash/recycling bins, and graceful slide-out trays tucked into the usually-abandoned corner cabinetry. Clear display shelves and an LED wine fridge add an additional touch of class. These thoughtful features open a world of functionality in the kitchen, allowing ease of use and flexibility in your storage options that few other kitchens provide.

Finally, the true gem in this project lies behind two light blue pantry doors that open to reveal a hallway and conjoining room. Secret passageways may seem like a thing of fantastical castles or sprawling mansions, but our Demetra designers can create them right in your own home. Whether you use your new space as an extra pantry, a storage room, or a secret hideaway. the hidden door will be a conversation starter with family and guests for years to come.

The before and after of this kitchen almost seems like a magical transformation. Our designers will find ways to work with your current kitchen walls while making the alterations that you desire, to completely transform the ambiance and atmosphere. For this project, in particular, the disguised doorway was a creative solution to incorporating a previously-connected room. The designers at Demetra are very open to new ideas and will hunt for the perfect ideas that will fit your individual needs.

With its sleek and contemporary structure, this kitchen not only provides a practical solution for those looking for additional functionality and storage space, it also adds mystery and excitement to everyday places. Our February Project of the Month is the epitome of modern and futuristic cabinetry design. If you are looking for a kitchen project that strays far from the norm, consider this unique approach to storage functionality that will transform your home into an adventure of its own. Any of our Demetra designers would be thrilled to help bring your fantasy kitchen to life!


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