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Project of the Month - August 2018

Whether you’re planning to design a brand new home, or renovate your current one, our highly trained staff at Demetra and our modern design techniques will help turn your ideas into reality! Each month we showcase a recent project to highlight our European styled cabinetry, and the work of our designers.

Check out our project of the month for August by

Kevin X.

Photography by Cathy N.

This kitchen is composed of the following collections:

Base Cabinets: Stone 85383 | Ultra Matte Collection

Wall Cabinets: Pure White 11082 | Ultra Matte Collection

Incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, UltraMatte’s enhanced surface properties will make any space look as good as it feels. The added durability of the scratch and chemical resistance topcoat perfectly balances beautiful and functional interior design.

Here are the key characteristics that make UltraMatte cabinetry a top choice:

  • Superior hardcoat protection for excellent scratch and stain resistance.

  • Fingerprint resistance qualities which creates easy cleaning.

  • Smooth surface creates a subtle elegance in any space.

  • UV stabilization and low surface variance.

  • Eco Friendly, consisting of a premium MDF substrate with a co-extruded polymer acrylic.


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