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Project of the Month - April 2022

Warm Contemporary Kitchen Bathed in Tangerine Lighting ⁠— Tips for a More Welcoming Kitchen

Step into your kitchen and bathe in the soft glow of our warm tangerine highlights, tucked into niches in the ceiling. Nothing brings a day from “good” to “great” in the same way an energetic and brightly-lit home does. This month, Demetra Cabinetry explores ways our designers build a more warm and welcoming kitchen through clever uses of textures, colors, and lighting. The kitchen is the hub of the house, and warm kitchens build a friendly and inviting feel that quickly spreads to every corner.

Emphasize warm or neutral tones in your color palette.

Warm colors are colors that contain reds, oranges, and yellows. Light and neutral tones with golden undertones are perfect matches with that palette, and they have a timeless appeal while offering decorating versatility. In our April Project of the Month, our designer chose a white kitchen base for a contemporary feel, then paired it with the neutral-colored real-wood veneers. Plywood is used as a cabinet interior to echo the golden wood flooring and lighting. This pairing brings out a natural glow within the cabinetry to set the tone of the kitchen.

Choose natural elements and wooden flooring.

Anything wooden or “earthy” adds a dose of coziness without adding clutter. In this kitchen, the hardwood flooring and wood veneers balance out the lighter-colored walls and white cabinetry. This connection to nature is accentuated with matching natural-wood floating shelves near the windows, which add texture and visually aesthetic display spaces. Green plants decorate the room, adding a splash of color while boosting the oxygen in your indoor spaces.

Utilize textures to add depth to the design.

Natural wood is not the only way to introduce textures ⁠— other materials with both tactile and visual textures can add depth to a kitchen, and they can be found in the kitchen backsplash or the cabinet doors. Demetra chose to mix glossy white cabinet doors with the matte wood veneers to create a dynamic look with a strong visual appeal. Furthermore, the white backsplash builds a focal point of its own, with a tiled pattern of faint creams and warm grays.

Accent with warm metals like bronze, brass, copper, and gold.

Small metal details in the kitchen, such as cabinet handles and light fixtures, can also build on the welcoming ambiance. Warm metal tones have become very popular, especially as appliance finishes. They compliment glass light fixtures particularly well ⁠— glass lights reflect warm lighting and add an extra sparkle to an airy room, making these drop lights a perfect complement for our kitchen.

Add a hint of elegance with a thoughtfully chosen marble-topped island.

The marble waterfall island with beautiful warm gray veins will instantly make a statement in your kitchen. It adds elegance without being overwhelming, making it the perfect final touch to this warm kitchen.

If you aim to create a cozy kitchen with a bright ambiance, Demetra’s designers know just how to help you. Visit our photo gallery for more inspiration, or contact our design experts about a warm kitchen that’s made just for you!

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