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Euro-Cabinetry - Ultramatt Collection

Demetra offers 6 collections of Euro-Cabinetry, each with its own design character, style and door material. The wide varieties of our selection enable each customer to find the perfect expression of their personal expression and lifestyle. The chosen range - or even combination of two collections - create a design precisely to meet the customer’s taste for a unique kitchen, made to last a lifetime.

Here we will discuss the ultramatte collection and what details you can look forward to experiencing!

Our innovative ultramatte Acrylic collection can help articulate a vision for a space that is both beautiful and functional. Incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, our ultramatte has enhanced surface properties that make it look as good as it feels.

  • multiple layers of acrylic applied to premium MDF which ensures impeccable surface consistency.​

  • extremely smooth ultramatte surface creates a subtle elegance suitable for any space.​

  • superior hardcoat protection for excellent scratch and chemical resistance.

ultramatte panels consist of a premium quality MDF substrate with a co-extruded polymer acrylic top layer. The core material is carefully selected to have low surface variance, so the surface is not flawed by substrate imperfections.

The panels are PUR (polyurethane) laminated inside a Class-100 (ISO 5) cleanroom, which is a manufacturing process that guarantees ultramatte is as close to a perfect product as technologically possible.

* Printed representations may vary from actual product. Please see actual sample for more accurate color and comparison.


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