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Designer Remodel Tips: Microwave Drawers

It seems the microwaves presence in the kitchen is on the decline in recent years. Typically, a microwave takes up valuable work space on the countertop or upper cabinet space (especially in the case of built-ins).

Additionally, as ranges become more powerful, over-the-range microwave vents are not powerful enough to keep up, and hoods with higher CFMs are replacing them.

But when not having a microwave is out of the question, which is often the case with families, consumers are turning to microwave drawers.

Microwave drawers are exactly what the name implies, a drawer that slides out and you put your dishware in and close it. The upside to drawers is the undercounter installation. Yet they are not a burden to use, as you won’t need to crouch like loading a traditional microwave. Also, you’re lifting items up, not out, which makes it easier to avoid spills. Additionally, from a design standpoint, drawers offer a cleaner look. They lack the big bulky trim kits of microwaves from the past.

And yes, you can lock the control panel to prevent children from playing with it.

If you are interested in microwave drawers for your next project with demetra cabinetry, please let our designs know!


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