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December Project of the Month: Black and White Kitchens for a Modern-Chic Look

This black and white kitchen and dining space match and counteract each other, forming a breathtaking and bold harmony right in the center of your home.

For this month’s project, our Demetra designer was tasked to redesign two halves of this house’s central living space. On one side lies the kitchen, draped in whites and gently touched up with gold detailing. The other side frames the dining table in a dark and gorgeous black, complete with a burst of bright gold. Together, they make a stunning image of class, mixing together white, black, and gold to deliver feelings of luxury and opulence.

Black is an elegant color often featured in many kitchen projects. It shouldn’t come as a surprise: black and gold is a timeless combination that lends itself to high-end social gatherings. A black dining space is powerful without being overwhelming and is certain to bring awe to your guests.

The Demetra designer dressed up the sleek black cabinetry with gold handles and decorations that pop against their dark backgrounds. It’s instantly eye-catching, a feeling further enhanced by the glass display cabinet, wine cooler, and matching sliding door. Additionally, black is a versatile color, which makes it easy to find complementary pieces to match your dining space when the need or desire arises. A dark wood table fits right in, paired with matching chairs and a golden table centerpiece. Inky matte cabinets contrast a glossy ebony countertop, and a framed piece of contemporary art containing all three colors brings the whole look together. The designer took care to perfect even the smallest details — the faucet is also colored gold, and the power outlets maintain a subtle black.

The kitchen itself is an entirely different world — from its countertops to its cabinetry, a clean, bright white is used. The result is a traditional look with a modern twist. Gold touches add sophistication without taking away from practicality: metallic cabinet handles, chair frames, and lighting match the kitchen appliances, but will not get in the way when you are making your edible masterpieces. A sink to the side adds functionality, offering ease of access from the stove. Black cabinets tucked under the island match the dark statement hood, adding depth and striking a balance with the lighter elements.

Together, the black dining space and the white kitchen craft a beautiful and unforgettable harmony. If you are looking for a classy and chic color palette, look no further than this dramatic combination coupled with hints of gold. Let a Demetra designer know what inspires you today, and they will be more than happy to work with you in creating the perfect breathtaking look for your home.


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