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Project of the Month - December 2021

Nothing Says “Fresh” Like Forest Greens

The perfect blend of boho design and modern minimalism, this month’s project features beautiful dark evergreen cabinets that boast a fresh and unrivaled look. The green-gray blend combines elements pulled from nature with more contemporary flares. This forest green in particular creates an alluring depth in your design, drawing the eyes of everyone nearby. The result is a calming display: woodland greens bring a serene and dignified air to any kitchen. The color of sage is known to be zen-inducing, and this deep sage is no exception. Bronze hardware complements the cabinetry while glossy white countertops and neutral wall backdrops accent it. Paired with a natural-wood floor and island, this design is guaranteed to be the envy of all that visit your home.

The regal evergreens are wonderfully versatile. Decorating this kitchen is a simple feat ⁠— consider including dark-green houseplants for a tasteful touch, along with wood decorative objects that will play up the aesthetic of the cabinetry and the island. Crisp white dishware is a perfect flexible addition. With a touch of contemporary lighting and your decor of choice, draw out charming earthy hues or modern-rustic undertones. When looking into kitchen decor, don’t be afraid to reach out to our designers and find more wonderful kitchen inspiration.

Bold monochrome cabinets make a statement effortlessly. In doing so, they have become a popular recent trend that is poised to be a classic for years to come, and Demetra Cabinetry is just the place to find your perfect color. As Christmas rolls around, these evergreen cabinets become especially perfect for the winter season, and they stay fresh year-round. For our December Project of the Month, we spotlight a dark forest green, but you can speak to any Demetra designer to feature a wide variety of gorgeous colors in your home. Let this pop of color bring a casual elegance to your entire house. Our designers will guide you through the otherwise daunting task of matching cabinetry, paints, countertops, and flooring to build a beautiful kitchen just for you.


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