The Basics behind European-Style Cabinets

September 15, 2017

It’s a commonly known fact that a kitchen in a European home will be smaller than the kitchen in an average American home. Dishwashers tend to be shrunken, residents might get by on a mini-fridge and cabinets are generally more compact.


As a result, the European style of cabinetry is often a lot less ornate than traditional American varieties. While European-style kitchens feature more wood than is popular in contemporary-style cabinets, they borrow a lot of the modern focus on industrial and functional designs. Cabinets are frameless, lines are straight, and the emphasis is always on maximizing space.


As European-style cabinets are so focused on efficiency, adding a few minor decorative touches can liven up the space. Potted plants or a bright and engaging backsplash can elevate a kitchen out of overly-industr