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Why Should You Put Frameless Cabinets In Your Kitchen?

These days, there are many competing cabinetry styles people can choose to incorporate into their kitchens. This can be a daunting process and it can leave some people wondering why they stress so much. Furthermore, it can leave home owners asking themselves why one style of cabinetry is "better" than another. Here at Demetra, we're a little biased towards frameless cabinets (surprise surprise) and we'd like to let you know why.

Before we give our glowing review of frameless cabinets, we first want to state that kitchen cabinets are important because they add definition to your kitchen and also help in maximizing utilization of available space. This comes in handy particularly if you have a habit of keeping your kitchen full of supplies at all times. Cabinets play an even bigger role in keeping your kitchen organized if you have a smaller kitchen with limited available space.

There are two main kinds of cabinets that you can have in your kitchen, with face frames or frameless. Both will serve you well, but frameless cabinets have some significant advantages over cabinets with face frames. These include:

  1. Maximum utilization of space: Frameless cabinets do not have rails or stiles dividing the center of the cabinet. This allows larger items to be stored and easy access when removing or replacing them. Drawers use all the available space in frameless cabinets, while a face framed cabinet takes up an inch on either side of the drawer for the frame.

  2. Clean, Polished Look: Frameless cabinets create a clean look because one only sees where the doors are divided from the next cabinet. Without a frame there are less visual lines distracting the eye and breaking up the unity of the space. Frameless cabinetry allows you to appreciate the cabinet wood, style, and finish rather than the focusing on the spaces between the cabinets.

  3. Style Versatility: Frameless cabinets are chosen over face-framed cabinets by 90% people. While at first, frameless cabinets were seen as a more modern look, they are now used for all styles from traditional American Classic to contemporary Linear Solutions. Many people opt for a transitional look which helps when selling a home.

Demetra Cabinets are American made, locally crafted in San Jose, California by our dedicated team.​

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