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Krome Collection: A January 2020 Project of the Month Supplemental

​Last week, we featured our project of the month for January. We had worked on three bathrooms in a lovely home, but our post showcasing it only discussed two of the three bathrooms—which were both amazing examples of what we can do with Ultramatte. So, this week, we'd like to give you all a very special project of the month supplemental!

This bathroom was designed by:

Cindy W.

And photographed by:

Cathy N.

This stunning bathroom features our Krome Collection's Haute Series. The cabinets are in Laser Blanco.

As the name suggests, the Krome Collection has a lovely glossy surface shine. This creates a very stylish, clean and modern appearance for this bathroom. What makes the Krome Collection so amazing is that it's easy to clean, highly durable, versatile, and able to come in a wide range of finishes, colors and reflectivity.

With this particular bathroom, the handleless, Laser Blanco cabinets integrate perfectly with the white sink and grey wall coloring. Furthermore, their precise lines and minimalist look create a remarkably modern feel.

We are incredibly proud of this bathroom's sheer beauty and look forward to creating new projects that follow the same spirit.

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