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Project of the Month - December 2019

​Are you planning on designing a brand new home or renovating your current one? Our amazing staff and modern design techniques will help turn your ideas into reality! Each month we showcase a recent project to highlight our European-styled cabinetry and, more importantly, the amazing work of our designers.

Check out our project of the month for December by:

Chi Z. & Cindy W.

Photography by: Cathy N.

This kitchen is composed of the following collections:

White Cabinets: Krome Collection | Diamond Series | Soft White

Wood Texture Cabinets: RöR Collection | Luca Series | Noce Luca

Special Feature: Gola Pull Upgrade Option

Once again, we're showing off the Krome collection this month. Krome is known for its glossy surface shine. This creates a stylish, clean and modern look in your kitchen. Furthermore, Krome's wide range of color and finish options ensure that your high gloss kitchen can be tailored to your exact taste and specification. The soft white cabinets in this project just sparkle from all the natural light in this kitchen.

Complementing the white Krome cabinets are some absolutely gorgeous wood textured RöR cabinets. RöR is easily one of our most popular European cabinetry styles. They boast structured textured melamine doors and are easily cleaned, tough and decoratively pleasing.

The glossy white from the Krome collection combined with the naturalistic wood grain from RöR create an absolutely stunning, harmonious contrast.

Finally, these cabinets feature the Gola pull upgrade option. The handleless kitchen offers a sleek, subtle design which can blend beautifully with other rooms in the home. Once a niche design feature, handleless kitchens have grown in popularity, fueled by an increasing demand for contemporary styles, minimalist looks and the need to maximize space.

Taking all of three of these features into account, you can see why we're in love with this remarkably clean, sleek and modern kitchen.

Some other features of this project include:

  • Built-in Microwave

  • Built-in Double Oven

  • Island lighting

  • Super-modern Style

  • Waterfall Countertop

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