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Add a Unique Touch to Your Kitchen With Bi-Fold Cabinet Doors!

During our last Project of the Month​, we featured a cabinetry feature we haven't discussed all too much: Bi-Fold doors. Bi-Fold doors are becoming more and more popular and many who decide to integrate them into their kitchen redesigns choose to get them with automatic doors. They add a fun, unique touch to any project and will certainly make your guests turn their heads!

Here's what you need to know about the Bi-Fold doors we feature here at Demetra:


Up and Out of the Way

AVENTOS HF works with two-part, bi-fold doors that fold in the center when opening. It is an ideal solution for tall wall cabinets with large doors because the handle stays within easy reach.

Small Program

Three lift mechanisms and four telescopic arms cover all common cabinet widths and heights. This makes planning, ordering, and warehousing much easier.

Design of Fronts

With AVENTOS HF, you can combine different door styles to create any look imaginable. It works with wood doors, narrow and wide aluminum frame doors, and it can be used with crown molding.

Motion Technologies


Thanks to SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS, doors can open with a single touch. Even large and heavy doors open with ease, and they close again with the press of a button.

Easy Access

Wall cabinets open up and out of the way, providing easy access to the inside of the cabinet.

Manual Operation

The lift system can still be opened or closed by hand at any time, without damaging SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS in any way.

Collision Prevention Feature

The built-in safety feature stops the opening and closing action as soon as the door touches an object or part of the body.


SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS can also be easily deactivated - preferably by a switched outlet. This works great when cleaning cabinet doors.

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