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Handleless Kitchen Cabinetry

If minimalism is your style, then a sleek and streamlined handleless kitchen is perfect for you!

The handleless kitchen offers a clean, subtle design which can blend beautifully with other rooms in the home. Becoming a niche design feature, handleless kitchens have grown in popularity, fueled by an increasing demand for contemporary styles, minimalist looks and the need to maximize space.

GOLA pull option, now offered by Demetra, is designed to meet this trend.

Benefits of our Gola Pull handleless kitchen are:

Avoid fingerprints

Gola pull is created by recessing a solid stainless steel channel in the top edge of the cabinet, to create a gap for between the top of the door or drawer and your fingers. Your fingers curl around the surface edge and onto the back of the door or drawer, pulling it forward to open. The benefit of grabbing the back of the door is that you don’t need to touch the front, so there shouldn’t be any fingerprints.


Having no handles is a no-fuss, sophisticated option that has the added bonus of safety. The absence of handles means that there’s nothing for you to accidentally catch your clothes on, and one less thing for young children to walk into and bang their heads on.

Timeless style

A handleless design creates a streamlined flow of kitchen units that’s beautiful as well as efficient. The resulting look is chic, clean and clutter-free. It makes the best choice for small kitchens. This isn’t just a visual effect, it’s also a physical one, since the lack of handles frees up more of the kitchen compared with a handled design.

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