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Project of the Month - August 2019

​Whether you’re planning to design a brand new home, or renovate your current one, our highly trained staff at Demetra and our modern design techniques will help turn your ideas into reality! Each month we showcase a recent project to highlight our European styled cabinetry and the work of our designers.

Check out our project of the month for August by:

Cindy W.

Photography by: Cathy N.

This kitchen is composed of the following collections:

Cabinets: Mist Super Matte | Impressions Collection | IN Series | Shaker Slim

Bar: Granite Walnut| Neo Collection | Shinnoki Series

Demetra is proud to showcase our Impressions (cabinets) and Neo (bar) collections. Impressions is a transitional style that features thermofoil doors made using a flexible vinyl material. We are huge fans of its silky-smooth surface that resists chipping better than painted surfaces. The mist super matte color creates a remarkably clean, refined look for the kitchen.

With Neo-Shinnoki, its signature veneer slab door design offers a sleek look while maintaining the natural beauty of wood. The granite walnut coloring of the bar creates a subtle contrast to the whiteness of the rest of the cabinets. It is a remarkably classy look.

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