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Check Out These Amazing Before/After Pictures!

We just love showing off some of the fantastic projects we've been able to work on over the years over on our before/after page, but we had to show of this one very special we finished up last month.

Kevin X. was in charge of this kitchen re-design and we think he did a fantastic job with the Pure White UltraMatte cabinets. Before, the kitchen was dark and a little claustrophobic, but Kevin turned it into a bright, airy and inviting kitchen.

Our innovative UltraMatte Acrylic collection can help articulate a vision for a space that is both beautiful and functional. Incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, our UltraMatte has enhanced surface properties that make it look as good as it feels.

Here are some final images of the kitchen for your own inspiration. If you'd like your kitchen to look like this, give us a call today!

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