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Collection Spotlight: Krome

Last week, we highlighted the RöR collection--one of the most durable collections we offer--and now it's time to talk about Krome!

As the name suggests, Krome is noteworthy for its highly appreciable glossy surface shine. That glossy shine creates a stylish, clean and modern look and feel for your kitchen. Coming in a range of colour and finish options, you can be rest assured that your kitchen will be tailored to your exact specifications and, more importantly, taste.

Krome isn't just beauty, though, these kitchen/bathroom finishes have many benefits, including

  • Easy cleaning - gloss kitchens can be wiped clean with only a damp e-cloth

  • Durability - all of the gloss kitchens by demetra are finished to a high quality that ensures their endurance and longevity throughout everyday use

  • Versatility - gloss kitchens can be easily and successfully blended with other colours and materials, including wood, stone and stainless steel

  • Different finish options - different gloss kitchen finish materials are available to suit different budgets

  • A light reflective quality - as light hits the surface of a gloss kitchen door it will be reflected back across the room

A super contemporary style, Krome comes in these 4 sub-styles:


Diamond has an extreme high-gloss finish – its impressive 90% gloss level is reflected off the perfectly smooth surface creating a mirror-effect. It's scratch-resistant due to a top hardcoat layer developed to be the most scratch-resistant acrylic. Some of its benefits include high chemical resistance, no "orange peel," no polishing necessary, low-maintenance and it's even dry-erase certified!


Creating sparkling, clear, high-gloss surfaces highlighting current trends in furniture design, Mirror brilliant addresses the contemporary trend at an attractive price point.


Ion has the stylish appearance of brushed metal with a luxurious gloss finish. The core material is carefully selected to have low surface variance, so the surface is not flawed or blemished by substrate imperfections. Made in the USA, it features a stunning visual aesthetic is created through the vibrant color, metallic shading and glossy surface, and an 80% gloss level that is reflected using a glossmeter testing instrument.


High gloss finish panel with excellent physical and mechanical performance. Haute is a technologically advanced product that undergoes different industrial processes which result in a decorative panel with a high gloss finish on its exterior face, while the interior side models a decorative paper of the same design.

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