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  • Are Euro-style cabinets for me?
    If you are looking for cabinets that are a bit roomier and mailed traditional door styles offered in our Clean Classics. Additionally, our cabinets are modular and come in a variety of sizes, allowing great flexibore accessible, Euro-style cabinets is the perfect choice. Frameless cabinets offer clean lines with either contemporary door styles or the richer detility in designing your cabinet layout.
  • Do I have to assemble my Demetra cabinets?
    No! When you purchase Demetra Cabinetry, you are buying high quality, built-to-order cabinets ready for installation.
  • How does Demetra Cabinetry compare to other cabinet options like “off the shelf” or custom?
    The materials and construction techniques used in Demetra Cabinetry cabinets are superior to those used in “off the shelf” or RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets. At Demetra Cabinetry, we use 3/4" formaldehyde-free (CARB-certified) furniture grade plywood and real wood veneer facing. Lesser cabinets are made with particleboard or 1/2" plywood. To cut cost and prices, many companies use camlock fasteners to save money in the short run. Over time, these short cuts tend to loosen and fall apart. Our products come fully-assembled and are built-to-order; all you have to do is arrange for the installation of the cabinets and selected door hardware. When your budget isn’t quite ready for custom cabinets, Demetra Cabinetry offers the next best solution. Our cabinet bodies are finely crafted and built to custom shop standards. The biggest difference is that our cabinet bodies come in pre-defined sizes versus custom sizes. Additionally, our doors and drawers are standard - which helps reduce the cost as doors can typically be the most expensive part of your custom purchase.
  • What is Euro-style/frameless cabinetry?
    Frameless cabinetry, also referred to as full access or Euro-style, is an open box configuration that lacks a face frame. This cabinet style offers enormous flexibility in configurations providing a more customized space. With the lack of a face frame, there is less space between doors from cabinet to cabinet, resulting in clean lines with flush doors and hidden hinges.
  • Do you have other colors and styles?
    Currently our line consists of four door options, 4 contemporary and 2 clean classics options, as shown on our Cabinets page. We are continually developing our product offerings however. If you would like to be updated on developments in our product line, just let us know.
  • What types of woods do Demetra Cabinetry cabinets come in?
    Currently our cabinets are all maple but we are developing our line of bamboo cabinets, expected this year. If you would like to be updated on the status of our bamboo line, just let us know.
  • How do I become a Demetra Pro?
    If you’re interested in being a Demetra Pro, please contact us.
  • Do you deliver?
    We provide “for fee,” curb-side delivery services. Curbside delivery includes loading from the Demetra Cabinetry warehouse and unloading at the curb in front of your home. You will be responsible for moving the cabinets and/or counters from the curb.
  • What is the purchase process?
    1.Measure your kitchen or bathroom. For help, try our Kitchen Planning Guide. 2.Meet with a Demetra Cabinetry sales associate for a free in-store consultation to plan your preliminary layout. 3.Confirm your measurements with your contractor. 4.Review, revise, and finalize your plan. 5.Once your quote is finalized, Demetra Cabinetry will conduct a stock check prior to invoicing. 6.Confirm your order with a non-refundable deposit. 7.Cabinets are ready for delivery or pick-up.
  • What is the return/exchange policy at Demetra Cabinetry?
    For information on our returns and exchange policies, please refer to the Demetra Cabinetry Terms and Conditions.
  • Do you provide install services?
    Demetra Cabinetry offers granite installation services within the Bay Area. At this time, we do not provide cabinet installation services. However, we happily refer Demetra Pros, our listing of preferred contractors and installers, to assist you with your remodeling project.
  • How much does delivery cost?
    If you are within the 20-mile delivery radius, we charge a flat fee of $200.00 for delivery. If you are out of the delivery radius, there is an additional surcharge of $50 per every 10 miles outside the 20-mile delivery radius. Alternatively, you can arrange to pick up your cabinetry from our warehouse.
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