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Project of the Month - November 2020

Homeowners tend to invest a lot of money and time to showcase the importance of their kitchen. The kitchen is an area where family members congregate and socialize. It can be seen as the heart of the home.

If your kitchen is narrow or oddly shaped consider adding depth to your design using a few trendy techniques. For example, using an all white kitchen complimented with a darker colored island may create a visually open and comfortable space. Adding natural colors, open shelving, or textured tiles will help accent this visual trait.

This kitchen utilizes a navy blue* kitchen island. These days, navy blue is considered a trendy color choice. Usually considered as a neutral color, navy blue cabinetry is a way for you to make a statement in your design. Collaborating the navy blue island with bright white cabinets and the natural hardwood floor creates a welcoming and open space for anyone viewing your kitchen.

(Navy blue comes in many different shades, please see our designer to pick out your favorite shade.)

Stylish tile backsplashes can add characteristics to your kitchen to help contrast the plain and neutral colors of the cabinetries without affecting the balance. This unique combination can also reflect your personality and style.

To top this off with luxury and style, gold finishes are used to accentuate the whole design. The designer incorporated gold finishes in a few areas. Such as the gold handles, gold pendants, and gold bar chairs to create a cohesive environment. Modern designs often neglect handles all together. This designer cleverly used the gold handle finishes as a final flourish for this kitchen

Consider these design ideas when styling your kitchen space. Please feel free to consult our designers for more amazing ideas to fit your needs.


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