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Project of the Month-July 2020

Whether you are planning to design a brand new home, or renovate your current one, our highly trained staff and modern design techniques will help you turn your ideas into reality! Each month we showcase a recent project to highlight our European-styled cabinetry, and more importantly, the amazing work of our designers. For July, we would like to showcase a project designed with cabinets from Urban Effects, which is a brand we carried for a long time.

Check out our project of the month for July by:

Berfin P.

Photography by:

Cathy N.

This kitchen is comprised of:

Wall Cabinets: Urban Effects_Lucent_Gloss WhiteBase Cabinets

Open Cabinets: Urban Effects_Highland Horizontal Bamboo

This month, we are proud to showcase Urban Effects cabinets. Urban Effects Cabinetry is all about frameless cabinets. They are manufactured in Winnipeg, Canada. The cabinets and hardware are great quality and look stunning. Their products come with a 10-year warranty. Therefore, you know you are buying a brand that has a commitment of making quality cabinets, which will last quite a while.

Urban Effects Cabinetry is stylish, affordable, full access cabinetry for homeowners and homebuilders in Canada and the US.

Urban Effects Lucent collection is acrylic door with sleek and smooth finish. It creates a stylish, clean and modern look. The glossy white cabinets in this project just sparkle from all the natural look in the kitchen. Complementing the glossy white cabinets are some absolutely gorgeous bamboo textured cabinets. Bamboo is a unique look for kitchen. Bamboo is not a kind of tree, but rather a kind of grass. As soon as Bamboo is cut, it starts to grow back like your lawn. Harvesting bamboo to make cabinets does not injure the surrounding environment, and bamboo’s extensive root system holds soil in space. It’s a great look and also very green. The glossy white combined with the naturalistic bamboo grain create an absolutely stunning, harmonious contrast.

Some other features of this project include:

  • Open cabinets

  • Under Cabinets Light

  • Geometric Kitchen Backsplash

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