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Collection Spotlight: RöR

RöR is easily one of our most popular European cabinetry styles. Featuring structured textured melamine doors, these cabinet surfaces are easily cleaned, tough and decoratively pleasing and they provide a durable & affordable alternative to high-pressure laminates.

The RöR collection comes in four main series: Madrid, Luca, Liberty and Victoria. Here is what you can expect with each series:


Manufactured with latest generation technology which enables the design to be given, by means of a synchronized finish, all the beauty and realism of natural wood. Look and feel, two senses that will make you appreciate the naturalness of this product in every dimension.


This Italian imported door material allows you to effectively create a trending kitchen or bathroom with a transitional look blending traditional and contemporary at a affordable price.

The application of an irreversible thermal hardening treatment and the special preparation and processing allow remarkable tri-dimensional effects, bringing the surface to life with extraordinary performance and the highest possible resilience to scratching and chemical substances as well as an amazing feel.


Our MADE-IN-USA LIBERTY textured melamine series, is affixed to a CARB II compliant core and features synchronized texture wood grain and design pattern on the face and back.


VICTORIA’s unique texture and woodgrain structure offer elegance and refinement. Crafted from a rare wood species rich in character, this new creation is the culmination of a meticulous research process led by a team of designers and experts who are passionate about what they do.

The new VICTORIA texture is the solution the market has been waiting for. It is offered in 2-sided synchronized panels in two panel dimensions 4’ x 8’ and 5’ x 9’. The impeccable accuracy of VICTORIA’s design looks and feels authentic, offering The true touch of wood.

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